Shell V-Power King of The Hill Results


Key to nationalities (competitor from Barbados unless shown):

ENG - England; JAM - Jamaica; NIR - Northern Ireland; SCO - Scotland; TDAD - Trinidad & Tobago; WAL - Wales



1st Roger Skeete (M8-WRC Michelin/Da Costa Mannings Auto Centre/Warrens Motors Subaru Impreza WRC S12), 1m 50.95s

2nd Paul Bourne (M8-WRC Banks/LIME/Virgin Atlantic Subaru Impreza WRC S9), 1m 52.84s

3rd Roger Hill (M8-WRC Esso/Nassco/MotorMac Toyota Corolla WRC), 1m 53.97s

4th Steve Perez - ENG (M8-WRC Kick Energy Drink/VK Vodka Kick Ford Focus WRC05), 1m 55.44s

5th Jeffrey Panton - JAM (M8-WRC Automotive Art/Bearings and Seals/Jamaica Freight and Shipping/Seaboard/Castrol/Active Traders/Automoto Ford Focus WRC), 1m 56.75s

6th Kevin Procter - ENG (M8-WRC Procters Coaches Subaru Impreza WRC S7), 1m 56.93s

7th Barry Gale (M8-WRC Autolink/VP Racing/Bella Beauty Supply/Pro Pac Dog Food Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI), 1m 58.12s

8th Trevor Manning (M8-WRC All Terrain Plus/Cellate Caribbean/Garbage Master/Bess Block Ford Escort WRC), 1m 58.36s

9th Ian Warren (SM10 Shell V-Power/Simpson Motors/Automotive Art Suzuki Swift), 1m 58.91s

10th Cliff Roett (SM10 Carters & Co/Nassco/Lucky Horseshoe/Roett's Garage/Castrol Toyota Starlet), 1m 59.13s

Group Results:

Modified 8-WRC 1st Skeete; 2nd Bourne; 3rd Hill

M8-A 1st Martin Atwell ( Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III RS), 1m 59.15s - 11th o/a; 2nd Neil Armstrong (Simpson Motors/Hankook/Shell V-Power/Gunk Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI), 1m 59.87s; 3rd Ryan Champion - ENG (Champions/Pirelli/MSR Motorsport/Axis Caribbean Subaru Impreza 555), 2m 00.18s; etc

Production 4 1st John Powell - TDAD (Intercontinental Shipping Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 2m 01.01s - 16th o/a; 2nd Rob Swann - ENG (Revolution Competition Wheels/Escape Hotel Subaru Impreza N14), 2m 02.64s; 3rd Geoff Noel (Globe Finance/DeWalt Tools/Essco/Sunbeach/Automotive Art Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 2m 03.56s; etc

SuperModified 11 1st Jonathan Still (Hitachi Power Tools/Ocean Spray/Philips Lighting/Crane & Equipments/Little Switzerland BMW M3), 1m 59.85s - 12th o/a; 2nd Nick Gill (Mazda 3), 2m 00.81s; 3rd Phil Collins - WAL (Silverstone Tyres/Millington Engines/Great Stuff Caterers/Orchard Motorsport/Collins Engineering/Pontilas Developments Escort MkII), 2m 01.03s; etc

SM10 1st Warren; 2nd Roett; 3rd Logan Watson (The Unknown Entity/MQI Collision Repair Centre/Toshiba/Office Solutions & Supplies/Corbz Workz/Castrol Ford Escort MkI), 2m 07.07s; etc

SM9 1st Josh Read (Automotive Art Toyota Starlet), 2m 02.19s - 20th o/a; 2nd James Betts (All Terrain Plus/Cellate Caribbean/Makita/Black Bess/Yamaha/Champion Auto/Quik Start Auto/Kendal Sporting Opel Corsa), 2m 02.85s; 3rd Daryl Clarke (Area 5 Auto Works/Mom's Pasta Products Mitsubishi Mirage), 2m 04.88s; etc

M7 1st Adrian Linton (Ravensden/Morris Straker Construction/Garbage Gobbler/Crane & Equipments Vauxhall Astra GSi), 2m 04.57s - 26th o/a; 2nd Freddie Gale (Gale's Hatcheries/Nassco/VP Racing/Workz Mechanical Services Toyota Corolla RunX), 2m 11.29s; 3rd John Corbin (Corbins Garage/Klark-Odio/Automotive Art Toyota Corolla), 2m 14.51s; etc

M6 1st Edward Corbin (Automotive Art/Klark-Odio/Corbins Garage/JVM Signage Daihatsu Charmant), 2m 12.78s - 46th o/a; 2nd Danny Williams (Chris's Workshop/Sunbury Plantation House/Barbados Paragliding Association Ford Fiesta), 2m 19.29s; 3rd Wayne Archer (Daihatsu Charmant), 2m 29.90s; etc

M5 1st Kenny Hall - SCO (Halltune Garage Opel Corsa), 2m 12.60s - 45th o/a; 2nd Glenn Campbell - NIR (Burn Road Trade Sales/Campbell Motorsport Electrics/Motorcare/Agnew Recovery/TorqueTronix Nissan Micra), 2m 20.52s; 3rd Sean Cox (Simpson Motors Suzuki Swift), 2m 29.11s; etc

P3 1st Sean T Field (AM Realty/Ackee Tree/Field Insurance Brokers/Landscapes in Harmony Peugeot 306), 2m 15.75s - 54th o/a; 2nd Cheryl Spencer - ENG (Eden Vauxhall/Creative Space Solutions/Old Castle B & B/ABS Embroidery Vauxhall Astra GSi), 2m 52.45s

P2 1st Fabien Clarke (Barbados Business Listings/RCA Tours/Bovell Auto Repair Suzuki Ignis Sport), 2m 42.37s - 72nd o/a

Group B 1st Andrew Costin-Hurley - ENG (Earl's Performance Hoses Ford Puma), 2m 08.98s - 37th o/a; 2nd Norman Catwell (Ellesmere Quarries/Chicken Pen Racing Peugeot 205 GTi), 2m 09.45s; 3rd Andrew Jones (Rexona V8/A P Jones Pharmacy/Southern Surf Hotel Ford Escort MkII), 2m 09.98s; etc

Historic 1st Ding Boston - ENG (Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation/Phillips Tyres/Virgin Atlantic/Toyo/Recaro/Powervamp Racing/MASS Engines Riley 1.5), 2m 33.77s - 70th o/a


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