While anticipation among island fans about the forthcoming overseas invasion for Sol Rally Barbados 2011 (June 4/5) is reaching fever pitch, local competitors are making ready for the highlight of their season. Shell V-Power King of the Hill (May 29) and Sol RB11 – each day is a separate round – present three chances to score points towards the Barbados Rally Club (BRC) Virgin Atlantic Driver’s and Class Championships.

 With three rounds run, Production 4 leader Geoff Noel (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX) has the early advantage in the Overall Class Championship battle, with five points in hand over SuperModified 11 leader Logan Watson (BMW M3); he, in turn, is two points ahead of joint third-placed Kyle Catwell (Volkswagen Golf GTI), who leads Modified 7, and Mark Hamilton (Evo IX), who is second to Noel in P4.

 Fifth and sixth are Sean Gill (Suzuki SX4 WRC) and Roger Hill (Toyota Corolla WRC), also the top two in both the M8-WRC class and the BRC four-wheel-drive championship; the two-wheel-drive title chase is headed by Watson, 12 points ahead of his brother Rhett, with Sean Field (Peugeot 306) and Jason Cozier (Peugeot 205GTi) tied in third.

SuperModified 11: while Logan Watson has won only one round so far, his brother Rhett (won round two) and fellow BMW driver Brian Gill (won round three) have both missed events, so Calvin Briggs (Ford Escort MkII) is second in the standings

SM10: Ian Warren’s decision to contest the season-opening double-header in Sean Cox’s M5 Swift Gti may prove to have been a important one, a dropped valve resulting in a non-start in the BRC Shakedown Stages; Norman Catwell (Peugeot 205GTi) currently leads the class, although he will co-drive for son Kyle over the forthcoming events, so Warren can recover, if he can deal with Neil Armstrong (Toyota Starlet), just two points behind

SM9: Josh Read and Allan Maynard (both Starlets) are the only drivers to have scored so far

Modified 7: leader Kyle Catwell, the only driver to score three times, John Corbin (Toyota Corolla) and returnee Jeremy Sisnett (Ford Fiesta) have each won once, but there is new competition in the pipeline

M6 & M5 merged: two wins in the season-opening double-header put Jason Cozier (Peugeot 205GTi) ahead here, although reigning champion Jamal Brathwaite (Mitsubishi Mirage), Edward Corbin (Daihatsu Charade) and Neil Corbin (Starlet) are tied for second

Production 3: Sean Field (Peugeot 306) is the lone competitor here

P2 & P1 merged: after just one event each, Conor Roach (Peugeot 106) and Fabien Clarke (Suzuki Ignis Sport) are separated by two points

Clubman: with just two crews seen so far in the BRC’s new class, Shannon Kirton (Datsun 160J) is the only points-scorer

Sol Rally Barbados (June 4/5, 2011) and Shell V-Power King of the Hill (May 29) are organised by the Barbados Rally Club, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2007; Sol RB2011 is the 22nd running of the Club’s annual International All-Stage Rally and marks the start of a second three-year term of title sponsorship by the Sol Group, the Caribbean’s largest independent oil company.


Virgin Atlantic BRC Class Championship

Positions after round 3:

Modified 8-WRC: 1st Sean Gill (Simpson Motors/Shell V-Power/Automotive Art/Chefette Suzuki SX4 WRC), 39 points; 2nd Roger Hill (Esso/Nassco/MotorMac Toyota Corolla WRC), 38pts; 3rd Paul Bourne (Banks/Chefette/MQI/Castrol Ford Focus WRC07), 20pts; etc

Modified 8-A: 1st Avinash Chatrani (Electric Avenue/EA Mobile/Hankook/Solder Seal Gunk Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI), 37pts

Production 4: 1st Geoffrey Noel (Globe Finance/Sentry Insurance Brokers/Mix 96.9/Automotive Art/Cargo Solution International/CIAC Airconditioners Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 50pts; 2nd Mark Hamilton (First Caribbean International Bank/Consumer Guarantee Insurance/PowerMaster/Simpson Motors/Automotive Art Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX), 43pts; 3rd Andrew Mallalieu (Terra Caribbean Subaru Impreza N10), 37pts

SuperModified 11: 1st Logan Watson (The Unknown Entity BMW M3), 45pts; 2nd Calvin Briggs (Ford Escort MkII), 35pts; 3rd Rhett Watson (The Unknown Entity BMW M3), 28pts

SM10: 1st Norman Catwell (Chicken Pen Racing/Cutters of Barbados Peugeot 205), 26pts; 2nd Ian Warren (Simpson Motors Suzuki Swift), 22pts; 3rd Neil Armstrong (Lubriguard Oils/Hankook Tyres/Nassco Drink Toyota Starlet), 20pts; etc

M7: 1st Kyle Catwell (Carib Beer/Freekz Customz/Ellesmere Quarries/Cutters Of Barbados Volkswagen Golf GTI), 43pts; 2nd John Corbin (Toyota Corolla), 24pts; 3rd Jeremy Sisnett (Ford Fiesta), 20pts; etc

M6 & M5 merged: 1st Jason Cozier (Peugeot 205), 30pts; 2nd equal Jamal Brathwaite (FG Wilson Generators/AM Electrical Solutions/Carib Beer/Meridian Windows and Doors/Chicken Pen Racing/AutoPlus Motors Inc/D2 Suspension/Valvoline Lubricants/Ellesmere Quarries Ltd Mitsubishi Mirage RS), Edward Corbin (Daihatsu Charmant) & Neil Corbin (Nassco/Jason Jones/Auto Solutions Toyota Starlet), 24pts; etc

P3: 1st Sean Field (Field Insurance Brokers/Castrol Oil/Ackee Tree/AM Realty Services/Landscapes in Harmony Peugeot 306), 37pts

P2: 1st Conor Roach (Peugeot 106 Rallye), 17pts; 2nd Fabien Clarke (Barbados Business Listings/Crimson Jade Consulting/RCR Tours/Bovell Auto Repair/Simple Trucking Suzuki Ignis Sport), 15pts

Clubman: 1st Shannon Kirton/Lisa Roett (Fingerprint Designs Datsun 160J), 15pts


BRC 4wd Championship

1st Gill, 43pts

2nd Hill, 42pts

3rd Noel, 35pts

4th Hamilton, 32pts

5th Mallalieu, 29pts

6th Bourne, 20pts


BRC 2wd Championship

1st L Watson, 37pts

1st R Watson, 25pts

3rd equal Cozier & Field, 21pts

5th Armstrong, 20pts

6th N Catwell, 19pts


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