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Please do NOT pay any fees until your entry has been accepted and you have received an e-mail confirmation confirming your entry and the applicable fee.
Please check the box relevant to your entry fee and fill out all information.
All prices in $BDS ($2 BDS = $1 USD).

Local Entry Fee

$1,450.00 BDS ($725.00 USD)

Regional Entry Fee

$3,050.00 BDS ($1,525.00 USD)

International Entry Fee

(sailing from Portsmouth, UK)

$0.00 BDS ($0.00 USD)
(price per car)

Are you shipping a pallet?

$500.00 BDS ($250.00 USD)

Refund/Cancellation Terms

Refund of Entry Fees for Rally Barbados.

1. Competitors paying $1,750.00 on entering but having to withdraw at a date before the close of entries shall be refunded the total fees paid (close of Entries is April 26th, 2019).

2. Withdrawal after the close of entries but before the Rally Show on Saturday May 25th, 2019 shall attract a $100.00 fine to be deducted on refund of the total fees paid.

3. Withdrawal after the published start time of the Rally Show will forfeit the entire entry fee of $1,410.00.

4. In all above cases, competitors failing to start the Flow King of the Hill event shall be refunded $40.00 insurance and failing to start Sol Rally Barbados shall be refunded $300.00 insurance.

5. International Competitors who are being shipped to Barbados by the Barbados Rally Club will be entitled to a full refund should their vehicle not ship on May 5th, 2019 or any earlier shipment between March 22, 2019 and May 5th, 2019.

Other than the above there will be no refunds.

(all prices in $BDS).

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