Spectator Safety

Motorsport can be Dangerous! SPECTATE SAFELY!

DO NOT under any circumstances drive onto, walk onto, or attempt to cross a special stage WHEN IT IS LIVE. There will be competition cars travelling at extremely high speeds. Competition cars and their occupants have a wide range of mandatory safety devices & equipment to protect them - YOU DO NOT.
CAR 999 indicates that the stage is officially completed – please do not walk or drive onto the course until this vehicle has passed AND you have received clearance from a Motorsport Marshal or Rally Official to do so. PARKING: Many delays experienced in running a rally are due to spectator traffic jams and bad parking. Please park off the road; Do not block roads by parking badly; Do not park in or obstruct any private driveways or roads; Do not park at the start or finish of special stages. Please remember other road users and the general public. SPECTATORS PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY - DRIVE SLOWLY and always heed the advice and warnings of our Rally Officials, Marshals, the Island Constables and the Royal Barbados Police Force.
• stand on the road
• stand below the level of the road
• stand in front of arrows or signs
• stand or sit on walls or fences
• sit close to the edge of the track
• remove stage signs or arrows
• expect the unexpected
• listen for approaching cars
• remain alert
• try to keep behind something solid
• keep children under supervision
• do as the marshals ask


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